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BTB Translation Services offer service in more than forty languages over 41 years. Our company works with a professional team and qualified language experts in order to deliver high quality service. The service concept of our company is based on the principles of being loyal to the format and to the delivery time demanded by the customer as well as providing flawless translation quality.  

Don't risk your works such as commercial agreements, distributorship contracts, World Bank standard contracts, joint venture agreements, agency and representation agreements etc., which are legally binding at a very high level. An incorrect translation may put you in a very difficult position before your addressee and laws. We are at your service with our experts and sworn translators who are specialized in the fields of international and commercial laws.

Our company contributes considerably to the leading Law Offices, Holdings and companies of Turkey as well as the relevant companies and businessmen related to our sector who operate abroad. It has significant experience in following up and completing  the certification process by the public notaries, governorships and the consulates of the concerned country, as well as translation of the documents required for opening a company, representation or branch abroad. The tenders abroad awarded to and successfully completed by the leading companies of our country provide the increase of respect and trust felt by the World towards Turkey and proves that Turkey is a member of the family of Europe. Our company have been translating the tender documentation and correspondences of such companies into the foreign languages and contributing to these successes for years.  

In addition to possessing the quality certificates required for translation (ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038), we also have the memberships in limited number of association of translation companies that require audit in the world (America, Europe and International). Being one of the rare translation offices with such memberships in Turkey is an indication that we always prioritize quality.

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